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Analysis of Omnia Name based on its character! Girls with the name Omnia are explorer, they love to see things with freedom. They are also known as researchers and teachers of the world. They are the one’s who show path to others. With full motivation, encouragement, owing leadership qualities, they are well aware of their innate strength and courage. Love Life of Omnia For the motive of work, bringing in professional realm, their sexual energy can be very well utilized. Name Letter Analysis of Omnia O : Individuals well-aware of moral values and strive to take it M : People who love to work all the time! Energetic and robust person, who don’t require much sleep N : Creativity is in their blood! People give wings to their thoughts and think out of the box I : Persons think deeply and are compassionate individual A : They are determined and feel things deeply Astrological Aspect of Name Omnia Based on the Vedic Astrology, Virushbh is said to be rashi for the name Omnia and Taurus is the Moon sign connected with the name Omnia. Visit : https://www.ivedahelp.com/name-list/omnia-name-meaning/