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Broker Exante: reviews of the terminal work

  • 10 November 2022
    Investment company Exante is one of the leaders in the financial market. The broker has been successfully rendering its services to investors and traders for 9 years already. For this time the broker has managed to get a huge client base and a lot of positive feedbacks about Exante from the company's staff and clients.
    The company has a high credibility due to the fact that it is licensed in Hong Kong, the UK and Cyprus. The availability of such documents confirms the transparency of the organization's activities and guarantees full protection of personal data of the client.
    Some of the many benefits of exante company include:
    proprietary trading terminal;
    over 300,000 working tools;
    instant access to the largest 50 exchanges in the US, Europe and Asia;
    round-the-clock operation of the company's technical support service;
    750 functioning, productive servers located around the world.
    The many employee reviews about Exante demonstrate how the workforce loves what they do, as well as respecting management and customers.
    Exante: customer feedback on the quality of service
    The presence of its own trading platform is evidence of the fact that the company's programmers have made efforts to ensure the quality of the platform, which could not previously be achieved by any of the competitors. Many Exante users report that the modular structure of the platform greatly simplifies the work with it. The Drag and Drop option allows you to drag and drop a block within the working window to any place convenient for the user.
    The data transfer speed is instantaneous through the previously mentioned 750 servers, which provide a correct and prompt connection to the Internet.
    As customer reviews of Exante show, the work of technical support deserves special attention. Multilingual employees work there. Thus, it is easy to contact the support even without knowledge of a foreign language. Highly qualified specialists do their best to provide maximum quality and efficient help to the user.
    Exante: staff feedback on the administration
    Many professionals in the field of economics, finance, programming and analytics want to work in this investment company. The administration of the broker has tried to create such an atmosphere in the working collective that each employee of the organization could prove himself, constantly develop and at the same time have time for proper rest. As some of the reviews about Exante say, the management always help the employees to grow in their business. A lot of courses, trainings, training materials are provided to the staff on a free of charge basis.